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Scleral Contact Lenses

At North Toronto Medical Optometry and Vision Care, we fit even the most difficult eyes in contact lenses. We have gained expertise in fitting scleral contacts lenses for medical eye conditions such as complex post-refractive surgery cases, Keratoconus and after Corneal Transplantation Surgery. Scleral lenses are also highly effective for providing stable vision correction in many patients that have undergone Radial Keratotomy surgery (R-K surgery).

Dr. Echharam and Associates uses many advanced specialized contact lens designs including Rose K, and Scleral Contact Lenses like Blanchard MSD, One Fit 2.0, Onefit Medical, ICD FlexFit, and ZenLens to give her patients the best attainable result.

Zenlens Onefit ICD Flex Fit Rose K

Scleral lenses are large-diameter lenses designed to vault the cornea and rest on the conjunctival tissue sitting on top of the sclera. The space between the back surface of the lens and the cornea acts as a fluid reservoir. Any irregularities in the corneal surface are filled in with a gentle layer of cushioning tear-like liquid that helps provide a smooth clear surface to optimize your vision. Scleral lenses can range in size from approximately 14.5mm up to 24.0mm.

If you’ve had trouble wearing contact lenses in the past, or you’ve been told that you are not a good candidate for contacts, large diameter scleral contact lenses may be the solution for you.

Benefits of scleral lenses include:

  • Sharper vision
  • Greater durability
  • Less risk of complications
  • More comfort to protect your sensitive cornea

Scleral Contact Lenses are especially beneficial for patients that have the following conditions:

  • Irregular corneas caused by eye conditions such as keratoconus, laser eye surgery complications and radial keratotomy can lead to vision problems like ghosting, halos & distortions. These eyes cannot be corrected properly with glasses or soft contact lenses. Scleral Contact Lenses can provide sharper vision for these eyes.
  • Dry eyes. If your eyes are too dry for conventional contact lenses, Scleral Contact Lenses can help. Scleral lenses prevent evaporation and the space between the back surface of the scleral lens and the cornea acts as a tear reservoir to keep the front of your eye moister and more comfortable. Scleral Contact Lenses can be very help for dry eye caused by Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Scleral Lens Vaulting

Schedule your eye appointment today with Dr. Roshni Echharam and her team at North Toronto Medical Optometry and Vision Care for a custom Scleral Contact Lens evaluation to see the difference scleral lenses can make for your eyes.

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Below is a video showing how to put in (plunger and tripod method) and remove the lenses

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